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Beacher's Madhouse Show

Beacher’s Madhouse Show

50 Shades! The ParodyBeacher’s Madhouse

Beacher’s Madhouse, created and hosted by Jeff Beacher, has returned to Las Vegas inside the MGM Grand HOtel & Casino. Guests at Beacher’s Madhouse will experience the world’s most outrageously sexy and over-the-top Vaudeville-inspired show as it reaches new levels of madness. Beacher’s Madhouse, surrounds guests with the energy of a circus and the atmosphere of an A-list Hollywood party while taking them on a sensory journey from the moment they enter the theatre through an inconspicuous speakeasy-like passageway hidden behind a library bookcase. Fifteen stages appear throughout the theatre in addition to the main stage to etertain guests throughout the show.


MGM Grand


50 Shades! The ParodyBeacher’s Madhouse