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If you are in our Las Vegas Business Directory, that means you were human-selected! Unlike other automated directories, we carefully pick real Las Vegas related businesses for inclusion.

Our directory is supported by outside advertisers. You will not be upsold, period. (Our directory isn’t even set up to “upsell” anything).

However, we’d appreciate if you would return the favor in a very small way by placing a text link back to the home page of on your website.

As for the text of the link (the anchor text), some just choose to link using the words “Access Vegas” or “Las Vegas Info” or “As Seen On Access Vegas” and the link should go to when clicked on.

Why link back to our home page, and NOT our business directory page?

This way you won’t be linking back to a directory page that lists your competitors. A true win-win: You get a priority listing at no charge, but don’t have to expose people to your competitors.

How do people find me in the directory?

We have our Business Directory link front-and-center in our menu bar at the top of every page of This allows our 60k-plus unique monthly visitors the opportunity to find local goods and services. Including yours!

Is there any other reason to do this?

Absolutely. As you probably know, your Google ranking is based on how many similar sites (same city or same type of business) link back to your site. Because is an 20+ year old site, links from us carry weight with them.

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If you do link back, we’ll thank you with the following benefits:

  • You will get a “priority” listing. Priority listings are marked with a and placed above regular listings in your category page. You’ll be front and center no matter what.
  • We’ll let you customize your site description (up to 25 words). Just let us know what you want it to say!
  • We’ll list your phone number if you desire. Unlike other directories, there is no extra fee. All of the above is simply our way of saying “Thanks” when you place a link to us on your site.

What if I don’t link back?

Although is well established, this directory is a new project addition to what we offer. As we begin to promote it, we anticipate serious demand for inclusion. In the current economic climate, we are the only ones providing a directory of this nature (linking direct to every business internet site) here in Las Vegas at absolutely no charge to the business.

As the directory gets crowded, we may have to opt to drop listings of businesses who choose not to return a link. Seriously… we aren’t asking much here!

Linking instructions for you or your webmaster:


Text: As Seen On Access Vegas
(or the other choices listed above)

Here is the html code you can copy and paste

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>As Seen On Access Vegas</a>

After the link is up, please email us at [email protected], and send us the URL (web page) that has our link. We’ll upgrade yours within within about 7 days and alert you upon completion.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me personally. We at are going into our second decade of providing great Las Vegas information and are happy to give back to the community with this free business directory.


Rick Ziegler
Business Directory Mananer
[email protected]