Should I Attend A Timeshare Presentation In Las Vegas?

In short, a timeshare is a specified amount of vacation time, usually one or two weeks per year or every other year, for a room that is usually in a luxurious resort (think 4- to 5-star). The room is divided into separate timeshare weeks that are sold individually to different consumers. For example, one room could be split into 52 different timeshare products and sold to 52 different consumers because there are 52 weeks in a year. Because the luxurious resort or hotel is able to guarantee year-round occupancy of their room, the price for accommodation is significantly reduced. This makes it possible for a modest, middle-class family to vacation at a luxurious resort rather than a 2- or 3-star hotel.

Now that you know what a timeshare is, you might be even more inclined to attend the timeshare presentation. Before you go though, take some time to familiarize yourself with the timeshare resale market. Timeshare resale marketplaces online have thousands of resale Las Vegas timeshares for sale and rent by owner. Buying a timeshare on the resale market is up to 50% cheaper than buying the same timeshare through the resort. For example, there are several existing timeshare owners looking to sell Bluegreen timeshare points that can be used at Bluegreen’s Club 36 resort in Vegas for as little as $2,000. You’ll likely have a hard time finding any resort to sell you any type of timeshare for $2,000 or less.

In addition to the resale market, you’ll also want to be aware of the time you’ll be sacrificing on your vacation to attend the presentation. Most timeshare presentations are marketed as being 2 hours long, but sometimes guests report a longer time commitment. Are you willing to spend this amount of time with a timeshare salesperson on your vacation?

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re having fun on your vacation in Las Vegas and not spending all of your time chasing deals and discounts.