Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Seven

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Seven

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Video Keno – Part Seven

On The Town With Vegas Vic
By: Victor H. Royer

Welcome to Las Vegas! My name is Victor H. Royer, but everyone just calls me Vegas Vic. I was named after that famous neon sign in Downtown Las Vegas, that cowboy with the hat on top of the Pioneer Club, always waving his hand and beckoning to his long love, Sassy Sally, on the other side of the street. I will be writing a few articles for, so I hope you enjoy them.

Video Keno – Part Seven

Four Card Keno

This is currently my all-time favorite keno game, and the one on which I have won the vast majority of my most recent Video Keno jackpots. It was on this game that I have hit numerous 8 out of 9 hits, for $4,700 plus all the other pays, as well as solid 9s for $5,000 pays (2 coins) plus all the other pays in the “wheel”, many, many 8 out of 10 hits for $500 (2 coins) and $1,000 (four coins), plus all of the many other pays this provided for the combination hits. I have also hit 9 out of 10s for anywhere from $4,500 to over $5,500, and also solid 10s for pays over $5,000 each (2 coins), and more. Plus, of course, many more hits and pays for all the possibilities in between all these huge hits. These are huge wins when considering that Video Keno is a negative-expectation game, always having a comparatively high house edge.

The payback programs in most of these Four Card Keno games average about a 91.97% payback, which means that these games hold about 8.03% for the house. I have actually seen the on-screen in-game payback figures from the game’s own progressively-tallied payback percentage readout screen, accessible from on-the-floor by the floorperson with the turn of a special key and the selection of an icon from the “secret” menu that the players never see. On that I was able to see that the various cards not only have their own individual payback percentages, but that they combine to form the actual average overall payback percentage for the game as a whole. Some of the cards in Four Card Keno pay back at about 88%, and others as high as 97%. It all depends on what numbers were marked and hit, and how often any one of the four cards has hit, and what the pays were. Each such value varies as the game is played, with some hitting more, and other cards hitting less, but together this all averages to the machine’s overall average payback in the end, and this is usually around 92%, give or take a few tenths of a percentage point.

The main advantage of a Four Card Keno game is that you can play more than one keno card all at the same time. This is similar to the “way” ticket concept in Lounge Keno, and is better than the “way” ticket style Video Keno games, because on those you can only play the combinations the machine allows you to pick, and not those you want to play — including those you may wish to play that could be to your better advantage. In Four Card Keno, you can “wheel” your numbers, which means you can combine several “core” numbers to be the same on all the four cards you can play. By doing this, each time you get a paying hit on the core numbers, you immediately get that pay four times, including any of the other pays you may get by having these core numbers the same among all of your four cards. This often results in very large pays, not only because the pays themselves combine, but because when you hit your core numbers this also usually means that you will have hit one or more of your other numbers on the other cards, and these combine to get you really large pays. All of this will become a lot more obvious to you once you see the actual game, and are able to play it.

Playing Four Card Keno is actually quite easy, but many players are confused by what appears to be a very complex screen. First, the screen is divided into four squares, each “lettered” with the letters “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. These letters designate the game screens available in this game. Each of the individual game screens looks almost identical to the regular Video Keno game screen. The main difference is in the main screen, that combines all four cards. There you will see four cards, each with the designated letter identifying it as either Card A, Card B, Card C, or Card D. Although you can play any one, two or three of these cards either individually, or together, the main advantage to playing this game is that you can play 4 cards all at the same time. Therefore, trying to play this game without playing all the four cards is not a good idea, and you should never do this because you will not be getting the best value for your play. If you don’t want to play all four cards, then don’t play this game. Go play the standard Spot Keno instead, or perhaps some of the other Video Keno games I have mentioned earlier. Your advantage in playing Four Card Keno — and later the even newer and better Multi Card Keno — is precisely in your ability to play ALL the cards together all at the same time. Otherwise it’s silly to play a game that gives you the chance for multiple winners when you aren’t playing it in a manner that allows you to get those multiple winners.

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