Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Seven (Continued)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Seven (Continued)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Video Keno – Part Seven (Continued)

On The Town With Vegas Vic
By: Victor H. Royer

Welcome to Las Vegas! My name is Victor H. Royer, but everyone just calls me Vegas Vic. I was named after that famous neon sign in Downtown Las Vegas, that cowboy with the hat on top of the Pioneer Club, always waving his hand and beckoning to his long love, Sassy Sally, on the other side of the street. I will be writing a few articles for, so I hope you enjoy them.

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Video Keno – Part Seven (Continued)

As surprising as it may seem, there are thousands of players who look at this very simple game and are completely befuddled by it, and then try to play one card out of the four, or make a wager and then don’t know what is happening, and then make other silly mistakes just like that and wonder why the game isn’t playing or paying. All they have to do to find this out is to either read my book, or just touch the icon on the game that says “pays”, or the one that says “help”, and the machine will explain how to play it. Of course it will only tell you how to play, and not how to play well and for powerful profits, but that’s all you need to start. Many players get so unnecessarily confused by this game, because the principles and methods of playing it are so simple as to make me wonder why these people are in the casino in the first place if they can’t figure it out. But, I do understand that gambling machines and games can be confusing to people who just don’t know anything about them, and that’s why I always try to explain everything in my books as simply as possible, even though I realize that many readers may already know some of this. So, if you are a reader who already knows about Four Card Keno, bear with me a while as I try to explain the game as clearly as possible, in as brief a description as it can be.

First you find a Game King machine, and look to see if it has Four Card Keno in its game menu. If this machine has the Four Card Keno icon, simply touch it and the game will take you to the game screen. There, you will see four keno cards divided as I have explained earlier, with the A, B, C and D cards. Now comes the part that confuses most players — how to bet, what to bet, and how to get all the cards to work together. It’s actually simple, but the game doesn’t immediately display this method, and so it may take a little time finding this out if you don’t already know. The first thing you must do after you have this four-card main game screen in front of you, is to make a wager. You must make a wager on all the cards before you can go to any one of them individually (although you can do this, but that will become even more confusing and I will talk about this a little later). So, if you want to play, say, one credit per card, you push the game’s credit button four times, once for each card. So, now you have wagered 4 coins (credits), and you have bet 1-credit on each of the 4 cards. Once this is done, you have activated all four cards, and you can now proceed. Remember, however, that you must make at least this minimum wager, because otherwise you will not be able to play all the four cards, and if you do this you defeat the point of playing this game in the first place.

So, assuming you have made at least the minimum wager of 1 credit for all the four cards, for a total wager of a minimum of 4 credits, now you can proceed to selecting your numbers. First, touch the on-screen icon marked as “Card A”, located at the top far left. This will then take you to the Card A screen. Once there, touch the “erase” icon, and then select your numbers by touching at game screen over each of the numbers you wish to pick, by using the tip of your finger. Each number selected will become marked on the game screen with the letter “A”. You can select from a minimum of 2 numbers, to a maximum of 10 numbers per card. Once you have completed the selection of your numbers on Card A, then touch the icon marked “switch”, located at the top left of the game’s screen. This will then take you back to the main four-card screen. Alternatively — and primarily to save time — you can go directly to the next game screen simply by touching the next card’s icon, in this case Card B. The machine will then display the game screen for Card B, and you can mark your numbers using the same procedure as you used to mark the numbers for Card A.

You may — if you wish — mark the same numbers as those you have selected for Card A, but the point of this game is that you don’t have to. Pick other numbers, perhaps some that are the same as those on Card A, but others different. Once you have completed the selection of your numbers for Card B, then touch the icon at the top of the game screen identified as Card C, and this will take you to that game card. Again, using the same procedure as before, erase and mark the numbers you want. When you are finished, touch the icon marked as Card D, and this will take you to the last card — card four. Again, use the same procedure as before, and mark your numbers. Once you are finished, you have successfully marked all the numbers you wanted on all the four cards. Now you can either touch the icon “Switch”, which will take you back to the four-card screen, or you can simply begin the game by touching the button (or icon) marked “play”. The machine will now play a game using all the four cards, with your numbers as you have marked them.

Thereafter, if you wish to play the same numbers all the time — or for as long as you so want to play these numbers — and for the same wager — you can simply keep touching the “bet” button, which is often called “re-bet” or “play” button or icon. Each time you so touch this button or icon, the machine will play the next game with the same wager and the same numbers, for as long as you want to keep playing it this way. If at any time you wish to change either any of the numbers, or the size of the wager, simply repeat the wagering and number selections procedure — however, do not attempt to go directly to each game screen without first going to the main four card screen by touching the “switch” icon and then first making the bets, as described earlier. Each time you want to change either the size of the wager, or any numbers on any card, always repeat the entire procedure from the start, because if you don’t the machine may take that as another event and not play the other cards, and you may lose the numbers on the other cards, and not have the cards marked as you first started.

We will continue this discussion in the next column.

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