Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Five (Continued)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Keno – Part Five (Continued)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Video Keno – Part Five (Continued)

On The Town With Vegas Vic
By: Victor H. Royer

Welcome to Las Vegas! My name is Victor H. Royer, but everyone just calls me Vegas Vic. I was named after that famous neon sign in Downtown Las Vegas, that cowboy with the hat on top of the Pioneer Club, always waving his hand and beckoning to his long love, Sassy Sally, on the other side of the street. I will be writing a few articles for, so I hope you enjoy them.

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Video Keno – Part Five (Continued)

Super Way Keno

This is one of the several different Video Keno versions of keno “way” tickets. Making these kinds of tickets available on Video Keno machines has been difficult, not only because of the complexity of programming the computer to make such a game, with so many variations, but primarily because of the lack of expertise and ability to understand by the players. Even regular keno players are often befuddled by way tickets, although playing keno with such tickets is not only profitable, but easy. Such play is also easily learned, and with experience even more easily exploited for good pays. Unfortunately, many people simply find any kind of thinking a problem when it comes to slots, and that’s why so many people play even reel slots so badly and lose so much money in the process. Video Keno way tickets require some forethought, understanding, and a good dose of skill. This is somewhat similar to the play on multi-card keno games, of which Four Card Keno is very popular, and I will discuss this shortly. Playing any gambling game well, and hence profitably, requires more than just the passive handing over of your money to the machine, and then waiting to find out if you won. There are many skills involved, and even the most basic of passive games — such as plain reel slots — still require selection skills, and some kind of a strategy (such as those I described in my Slots book and my Winning Strategies book).

Making a Video Keno game attractive to enough players so that they would play it, and still make a game that at least mirrors some of the way ticket options available in the live Lounge Keno game, has been a problem. To solve this, and still have a game that is reasonably good, IGT made a game called Super Way Keno. This is basically a combination of a 2-spot, 3-spot, 4-spot, 5-spot, 6-spot, 7-spot and a 9-spot. The game requires you to select three groups, marked “A”, “B” and “C”. Each groups of numbers you so select is identified on the game screen by the corresponding letter. For example, all the numbers selected for group “A”, will be marked on the game’s video screen with the letter “A”. All the numbers marked in group “B” will be marked with the letter “C”, and all those numbers you mark in group “C” will be shown as marked by the letter “C”. It’s easy to understand the basic concept. Don’t worry too much about the pays, because they combine, and the pay schedule may look a little complicated on the game’s pay table, but you’ll get the idea pretty quickly once you start playing. Just remember that the machine will automatically add the various pays together, and show you the total of what you have won. It’s that easy to get started.

In this game, group “A” must consists of 4 numbers together. Group “B” must have 3 numbers together, and group “C” must have 2 numbers together. So, the total number of numbers you can pick is 9. That’s why this is often called the “Video Keno 9-spot way ticket.” There are many hits you can make on such a ticket. Each time you hit your 2 numbers in group “C”, you get paid for a 2-spot, as well as all of the 2 out of other numbers in their combinations. Each time you get all three numbers in group “B”, you will get paid for a 3-spot, as well as all of the 3 out of all the other number combinations pays. Each time you hit all 4 of the numbers in group “A”, you will be paid for the 4-spot, as well as all the pays for all the possible combinations of 4 out of the other number picks. Of course, once you start combining these hits, that’s where the big money is. If you combine the group “A” 4-spot hit with the group “C” 2-spot hit, then you have a solid 6-spot hit, as well as all the other pays combined. And so on for all the possible combinations of all these various other hits. As with all these Video Keno games, the various combinations are complex, as are the pay tables. Suffice it to say that the game comes in several configurations, with pay tables ranging from 94% payback to as low as only 88.2%.

For the actual charts showing all numbers and combination percentages, I refer you to my book: Powerful Profits from Keno. By using the charts in my book, you will be able to learn how to identify the better paying machines and game just by looking at the machine’s payback tables.

We will continue this discussion in the next column.

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