Las Vegas Gambling Tips – The Sopranos

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – The Sopranos

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: The Sopranos®

Best Casino Slots – Part 5
By: Victor H. Royer

As promised, in this issue – and the following issues – I will now write a little more about some of the favorite slots that my readers have told me they like to play, and later also show you some of the great new slots that are about to be released. In this issue, I present: The Sopranos® video slot machine from Aristocrat.


So Good It’s Criminal – Bada Bing

OK youse bums, listen up – I’m gonna loin you sumtin’. Settle in for some great wins, ’cause udderwise youse can fugghedaboudit. You got it? Good!

Well, okay then, that’s about as much as I can stand, in this kind of movie-speak. It’s fun to make fun, especially if you remember a movie called “Nicky Blue Eyes”. But this is a slot machine, based on the very popular TV show “The Sopranos. It is gaming’s new top boss, The Soprano® Video Double Standalone Progressive video slot machine from Aristocrat.

This game is part of a big family of Aristocrat slots. The Sopranos®® has a double-standalone progressive that offers five exciting bonus features, where you get “made” with free credits, games, multipliers and progressive jackpots. The game is created from Aristocrat’s new “MAV Stepper” reel-spinning series. The base is a five-reel/20-line format encased in an attractive new cabinet design. If you ever wanted to take a trip “on the wild side”, and step into the world of “The Godfather” or “Casino”, both great movies of the same genre like The Sopranos®, then this is the game for you.

There are two kinds of games available under the general Sopranos theme. One is called “Respect the Bing”!â„¢ — which is the one shown in our photo – and the other is called “This Thing of Ours”â„¢. Both are double standalone progressive jackpot slots, meaning each of The Sopranos® games has two jackpots.

The Capo jackpot starts at $25, and the Boss jackpot starts at $250. Adding to the excitement is a mystery-style progressive, which pops up every now and then, adding more chances for you to win!


One of the great new features of this machine – and many others that are about to be released – is an option to make a side bet. This is what is called “buy-a-pay”, because by wagering the additional credits you can now receive more bonuses and bigger pays. Basically, it’s like an “ante” bet – something with which you may already be familiar if you play bonus-blackjack type games, or Fortune Pai Gow, or even Let It Ride. It is a similar concept, where by making this extra bet, you can win more, and more often.

On this game, when you make that extra wager you can trigger one of the following five extra bonus features:

“Roulette Wheel,” where you can win one of the progressive jackpots, free games or credit prizes;

“Scatter Game,” where you can win one free game where all symbols pay anywhere in the window;

“Truck Heist” , a bonus that allows you to match two trucks to win a prize and a possible multiplier;

“Pick Your Earner Bonus,” where you can choose an earner to win free credits and multiplier;

And “Dancer Bonus,” where you win three free games. During each free game a Wild Lights symbol may be added to one position on the reels.

As you can see, this is truly a great game. So let’s go – I’ll “take you for a ride.” Good luck!

More on the world of the great new slots in future issues.

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