Victor Royer Gaming Video Promos

Victor Royer Gaming Video Promos

Victor H. Royer Instruction Videos

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Intro To Texas Hold’em

Intro To Omaha High

Intro To Omaha High-Low Split

Intro To Seven Card Stud

Limit Texas Hold’em

No-Limit Texas Hold’em

Limit Pot Omaha High

hLimit Pot Omaha High-Low

Limit Seven Card Stud

Introduction To Tournaments

No Limit Texas Tournaments

Keys To Success

Allan Ackerman Tricks

Introduction to Poker Videos

By: Victor H. Royer

In 2006, I produced a series of poker videos in association with Party Poker. These were intended as the first episodes in a series of videos and TV shows about poker. As we all now know, thanks to the underhanded tactics by then Senator Bill Frist, who so surreptitiously attached the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement act (UIGEA) to the important Port Security Bill — without any debate or comment, mind you — this has lead to a series of events that have denied Americans their rights to freedom of association, rights to privacy, rights of commerce, and violated civil liberties by preventing law abiding Americans from being able to do what they choose in their own home, and with their own money.

This despicable usurpation of Constitutional Rights has so far gone uncorrected, and as a result the United States is losing upwards of $20 billion annually in taxable revenue, money that is now sorely needed by the US economy — and would have been possible, and is still possible, if only these nitwits in Congress would take their head out of the sand — or some other place where they might have stuck it — and join the 21st century, or at least remember their oath of office and abide by the Constitution.

While it is still possible to play Internet poker on sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars — and, of course also on all the .NET non-gambling sites — Party Poker, being a publicly traded company, decided to leave the US market rather than have to fight this legislative and legal battle, so unfairly dumped upon Americans, and world commerce, by the underhanded tactics of the US Congress, Bill Frist, and the Department of Justice.

The direct consequence of this was that several years of my life in careful preparation for this association with Party Poker also went down the drain. But the programs I produced still exist, and now — thanks to the folks here at — I am presenting them as samples of my work as gaming author, writer, producer, director, presenter, personality and gaming guru at large.

I am not presenting these videos as a commercial venture designed to derive revenue from them, or to promote anything other than myself as a gaming author, writer, producer, director, presenter, personality and gaming guru at large — I wanted to say this again, so there is no mistake in understanding this.

My purpose is to show examples of what I have done, and on which I have worked very hard. I want this to be shown so that others may see my work, and perhaps wish to contact me for similar products, programs, or services. Therefore, if you wish to contact me, you may write me at [email protected]

I hope you enjoy watching my work, and I invite you to also read some of my articles here at, as well as my many books on gaming