Regulated Online Casino Gambling In The UK

Regulated Online Casino Gambling In The UK

By: Victor “Vegas Vic” Royer

While online gambling in the United States is still relegated to only three States, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, online casinos in the UK are thriving, as indeed they are in many other countries around the world where the respective governments of those nations understand the 21st Century. It seems only in the USA federal legislators are so far behind times that they can’t understand the enormous amounts of tax revenue that they are so recklessly tossing away.

But the USA does have one thing going for it, for both land-based and online casinos: Strong regulation, and licensing requirements. In fact, the Nevada Gaming Commission is universally considered as the “standard” for gaming regulations nationwide in the United States, and also in many parts of the rest of the world. And justifiably so.

Strong and fair gaming regulations are necessary in order to protect both the players, as well as the operators. This has been amply demonstrated in the Online Gaming community a few years ago, with the events surrounding Full Tilt and Absolute Poker. While these were the biggies, there were other hiccups of a similar nature, when either unscrupulous players, or operators, or groups of such colluding individuals, took advantage of technology to defraud online players, and online gaming operators.

Those of us who live within the world of casino gaming, such as myself, are acutely aware of how important it is to preserve the integrity of the game from both the operator’s perspective, as well as the players’. If an unscrupulous online gaming site defrauds its players, it poisons the field for all – including those that are fair, proper, honest, and adhere to regulations.

But as an online player in the UK, how is anyone to know which sites are the best ones, and which are regulated?

Recently, in March 2013, the UK government passed an amendment to the Gambling Act of 2005, to protect players from online gaming operators who may be licensed in other jurisdictions, but without the direct influence of the British Government, and, likewise, without the appropriate – and immediately available – resort to legal action by players who think that they may have been wronged. While not yet passed into law – as of the time of this writing – the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Bill is scheduled for debate and vote soon.

In the meantime, UK online players can access important information about the Best Online gaming sites from , a site which provides up-to-date and updated listings of casinos which have been licensed, seek to be licensed, and will become licensed. Also available on this site are many resources, and information, important to your choices and decisions as an online casino player. Not only a listing of the Top 10 Online Casinos, but also information on how to spot – and avoid – fraud, collusion, rogue online casinos and rigged games.

I have often written about the need for accurate and timely information, when it comes to online gambling. My book “Powerful Profits from Online Gambling” is still viable as a similar resource, and updated in it’s current re-release. This was one of the first online gaming books that dealt with the issues that are now so well listed in the editorials available on that Top Online Casinos site.

Maybe some day soon players in the United States will once again have access to the world community of online poker, and online gaming. And when they do, resources such as these will be even more important to everyone.

So, until next time, this is Vegas Vic saying, “See you in the Casino, and Best of Luck!”