Online Casinos, Gambling, and the Law

Online Casinos, Gambling, and the Law

Gambling Tips: Online Casinos, Gambling, and the Law

Online Casinos, Gambling, and the Law
By: Victor H. Royer

In the USA, Online Poker is currently available only in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. These three States have created their own, independent, legislation that permits licensed operators in these States to offer online Poker. In New Jersey, this also include Online Slots and other casino games. Unlike the US Federal Legislation, which in 2006 killed all online poker, and online casinos, these three States have progressed into the 21st Century.

Similarly to what is happening in the UK – the United Kingdom – which, after the recent Scottish vote will still remain so united – the most important thing for an Online Casino Player is to know that the site where you are playing is properly licensed. Currently, in the UK, new Laws have been passed, and this has caused several of the already-operating casinos to close, due to the complexities of the licensing process, and the requirement that all UK players are subject to a 15% tax on any profits that they make as a result of their gaming on UK licensed Online Casinos.

So – since many of my readers come from the UK, and it is important to advise them, and you, that it’s essential – to the preservation of your profits – to retain and maintain all your player’s privileges, such as comp points, VIP Status, etc., no matter what is happening in these transitions to the new licensed casinos. You can do this by making sure that you take full advantage of online casino bonuses, and always look for new opportunities for additional UK casino awards.

As of the time of this writing, several online casinos in the UK have still not received their new licenses, in order to operate under the new law, and therefore – at least for now – cannot accept new players from the UK. Among these online casinos are All Slots Casino and All Jackpots Casino, which have stopped accepting new players from the UK, as well as Casino UK. This of course applies only to new players from the UK, while all existing UK players can continue playing. And as this entire situation is being resolved, players from other countries are being moved to other casinos belonging to the Vegas Partners Lounge.

Among other temporarily affected web sites are Jackpot City Casino, Gaming Club Casino, Lucky Nugget Casino, Casino Epoca and Spin Palace Casino. William Hill, on the other hand, have received their license, and are therefore unaffected by these matters at this time.

Consequently, if you are an existing UK player, you can still continue playing on those sites that are actively continuing operations. Naturally, if you are a player at William Hill, then you are perfectly OK as is. And, of course, you can also become a new player as well on this site. That may be an opportunity at this time, for new players, as well as those who may temporarily not be able to play on the other sites.

However, the most important thing to remember is that no matter what happens, if you are an existing player – or a new player – you must protect your bonuses, points, and rewards. Now, more than ever, it is even more critical to your profitability, and enjoyment, that you look for all the new offers, while at the same time keep and preserve the awards you already may have. To do this, look for online casino bonuses, as well as UK casino awards.

By following these few simple steps, you can not only preserve the bonuses and awards which you have already earned, but can also always be up-to-date with whatever else is being offered – especially in this ever-changing UK Online Casinos scene.

For more information you can always check back with me right here. So, until next time, this is Vegas Vic saying – See you in the Casino, and Best of Luck!

Victor H. Royer, known as Vegas Vic, is the author of 42 books. Mostly known for books, articles, and columns on casino games and gambling, he is also the author of New Casino Slots, Great Gamblers: True Stories and Amazing Facts, The Great American Joke Book, as well as his works of Fiction, which include: Another Day, and the Western: Riders on the Wind. Versatile and multitalented, Royer is the creator, producer, and host of the Web-TV show Great Casino Slots, now showing at He also composes music and performs under the names Glenn Diamond, Pappy Jones, Hans Dorfmann, and Miguel Armandaiz. For more information, please visit him at and Sign up for the Insider Advantage Newsletter at:

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