Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Vegas Lingo and Definitions Part 2

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Vegas Lingo and Definitions Part 2

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Vegas Lingo and Definitions Part 2

Casino Gamble Talk Excerpts
by Victor H. Royer

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  • An expression specifically created by the gambling industry in order to avoid the potentially negative connotations of the word “gambling,” which may still be viewed by certain persons whose personal convictions, or lack of adequate knowledge, continue to evoke the religious connotations of “sin” when the word “gambling” is mentioned. The new word “gaming is therefore used more commonly in modern times, but actually means “gambling.”

Hard Way

  • In Craps, the exact opposite to “easy.” This is a roll which makes a two-dice combination of 4, 6, 8, or 10, in pairs, i.e. 2+2 for the “hard-4,” 3+3 for the “hard-6,” 4+4 for the “hard-8,” and 5+5 for the “hard-10.” Also known as “hardways.”

High Roller

  • Any gambler who bets a lot of money, and has lots of money to do it with. Usually associated with players who bet in the millions, but can also apply to players whose casino actions is from $10,000 per day and up.

High Stakes

  • When a lot of money is involved in a gambling game. May refer to any gambling game whose limits are very high. Also knows as “high-stakes game.”


  • A device inside slot machines and mechanical gaming devices which counts out coins for player wins and shoots them out through the chute to drop into the player’s collection tray, which is mounted at the bottom of the gaming machine.

Hopper Fill

  • To replenish the coins or tokens in a gaming machine hopper. Occasionally a hopper will “run empty” after numerous or large payouts of coins or tokens.
  • The act of refilling the hopper by a casino employee.


  • The casino owner, or operator, whose business is to run and bank the games played in that establishment.

Making The Point

  • In Craps, after having rolled a point number on the come out roll (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), when the shooter rolls the same point number again and before rolling any 7. Also called, “Passing.”


  • A statewide multi-link progressive slot machine system in Nevada, dollar-coin-play.


  • A large hotel/casino offering the customer a lot of entertainment and gambling options.

Minimum Bet

  • The minimum amount you must bet in any game if you want to be in that game.

Money Plays

  • A voice request you make when you bet cash money and wish that this money be in play instead of first being changed into gaming chips. You must make this request, otherwise the money will automatically be picked up by the dealer wand changed to gaming chips before the next game is played.

Opening Line

  • The early odds set by a casino for a sporting or race event prior to accepting bets on that event.

Perfect Play

  • To play any gambling game absolutely without error. This can be done for any gambling game, and can especially be put to good player advantage on several of the recent Video Poker games.


  • A specific area of the casino, framed by a collection of gaming tables, into which players are not allowed. This is where the Pit Boss presides, when dealers stand, where the casino clerks operate, and were all the action for table games is tracked.

Pit Boss

  • The man or woman in charge of the pit. He/she is like the manager, and in any disputes his/her decision is final.

Production Show

  • The major entertainment stage performance in a casino resort, usually associated with huge and expensive “Broadway-style” stage shows in Megaresorts. Not a lounge show.


  • Any game where an open-ended jackpot is featured, where the jackpot grows in value with each round of play until it is hit.


  • Acronym for Room, Food, and Beverage. Refers to a comp which can be obtained by players who have gambled enough, and/or those who were smart enough to contact a Slot Host or a Casino Host, and introduce themselves as premium players. If you play a lot, or at least sometimes, always ask for a host and ask them if you can get RF&B You may not et all of the three areas of this comp, but you might get something; most of the time you will, just by introducing yourself to the host and asking for the RF&B comp.

Royal Flush

  • A set of five cards which constitutes a straight: Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10, which are all the same suite, either in Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, or Hearts. This hand applies to all Poker-based card games, including Card Room Poker games. The hand does not have to be in sequence; however, many casinos will offer an extra bonus prize on selected Video Poker machines if this winning hand is achieved in sequence–either left to right or right to left.

Sequential Royal

  • Refers to a Royal Flush hand on Video Poker machines when that hand is achieved in sequence, whether left to right or right to left as the case my be: 10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace, or Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10. In some casinos this hand pays a substantial bonus.

Steam or Steaming

  • To be very angry at losing. Not something you want to do, be, or show.

Table Game

  • Any gambling game played on a table, and not a mechanical device.

Third Base

  • In Blackjack, is the last position on the table, directly opposite “first base,” and receiving the last card before the dealer gets his. This position is often sought after by players, because the manner of play there can appear to alter the outcome of the dealer’s draw. An advantage position for smart Blackjack players.

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