Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Slots – Jaws

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Slots – Jaws

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Jaws

Best Casino Slots – Part 6
By: Victor H. Royer

As promised, in this issue – and the following issues – I will now write a little more about some of the favorite slots that my readers have told me they like to play, and later also show you some of the great new slots that are about to be released. In this issue, I present JAWS, by Aristocrat, and a short description of the game and how to play it.




Go Ahead – Take a Bite!

No, this shark doesn’t bite … it gives 3 separate Bonuses, along with Jackpots, and gives you that feeling of getting something – like money! Yes, it’s true that when you hit the bonus round, the whole bank of machines turns blood red – but unlike in the movie, in this case the big shark is about to give you some great wins. It’s an awesome game, now appearing in Midwest casinos everywhere. It has been available in Las Vegas and Florida for some time. Now you can look for it’s striking façade in your favorite casino as well.

Based on the exciting book by Peter Benchley and 1976 Academy Award®-winning film franchise, JAWS™ slot machines is a total interactive experience. Press the “shark tooth” spin button and the game begins with that trademark ominous John Williams JAWS™ theme. There are four Hyperlink® progressive jackpots and fun bonus games to keep you in the “water” – and in the game – a lot longer than maybe you’d like – but wait! There’s more! Completing the experience, an electro-mechanical buoy topper lights up and sounds off a bell during game play, and buoys on the giant video monitor display bonuses while the shark swims around. You may be spending more time in this water than you’d like to in the real water, but then this is the water of fun and wins, and so – why not?

JAWS was developed by Aristocrat Technologies, and the game is driven by Aristocrat’s GEN7 platform, resulting in state-of-the-art video and sound quality. Encasing the game is the award-winning VIRIDIAN cabinet, complete with blue water bubble trim and edge lighting that illuminates during game play – and which changes to blood red in the bonus rounds.

More on this game – and the world of the great new slots in future issues.

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