Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Slots – Hit The Heights (B)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips – Video Slots – Hit The Heights (B)

Las Vegas Gambling Tips: Gaming Article

Best Casino Slots – Part 11 (B)
By: Victor H. Royer

In this issue I continue with more information about the new game: Hit The Heightsâ„¢, by Aristocrat, and a description of the games available with this theme, and how to play them.


Hit The Heights

The Sky’s the Limit!

If you haven’t read the last issue, Part 11 (A), please refer to it for the story that goes with The Sky’s The Limit motto. It applies to this great game, as it did to the great pioneer of Las Vegas casinos.

Today, I am continuing with the game description for the 4 base games that are part of the Hit The Heights family of multiline video slots.

Wish Big
This is a 25 line game, with 35-credit minimum (25 per line + 10 ante bet). The game is available in 1, 2 and 5-cent denominations, and provides a feature where you can win 10, 15 or 20 free games with 3, 4 or 5 scattered GEM symbols.

Wish Big Wheel Feature
During the spinning wheel feature – as I described in last month’s article – 2 wheels are displayed on the top screen. After any win you are prompted to select either the outer or inner wheel to spin the win multiplier. If a WISH BIG segment is landed, the dice in the center of the wheel are rolled. The number rolled on the dice is the number of segments that are replaced with x25 (outer wheel) and x10 (inner wheel) segments. The wheel resets to one x25 (outer wheel) and x10 (inner wheel) segment for each free game. The feature can be triggered again while in the feature rounds.

Space King
This is also a 25-line game (35-credit minimum with the 10-credit ante bet), and is also part of the Hit the Height family of games, as indeed are all of the games I am describing in this article. Also available in 1, 2 and 5-cent denominations, this game has the availability of 175, 350 and 700 credits as max-bet.

Space King Wheel Feature
Any 4 of a kind pick-1, pick-2, pick-3, pick-4, or pick-5 start the feature. The 4 of a kind trigger symbols are held and the remaining reel re-spun the number of times indicated on the wheel. A consolation prize of 20 credits is paid for non-winning trigger symbols during re-spin. WILD symbols substitutes for all symbols during any re-spins. Dice appearing on the wheel indicate the number of additional spins of the wheel that will be awarded. Between 5 and 15 free games may be awarded at random following any bought game.

Wild Ned
This is one of the REEL Power games, where you buy reels and not paylines. It’s a great concept, because it basically means all of the symbols act as scatters, and so they don’t have to be lined up on a payline, as in most other slots. I will write more about this in my new book, due out April 2010. This game is also a 25-credit game, with a 10-credit ante bet, for a total minimum wager of 35-credits. I will also explain this “ante-bet” concept in my new book. Three, or more, of the scattered MINES will start the feature – but the feature can also be won entirely at random, so you can be pleasantly surprised at any time.

Wild Ned Wheel Feature
Wild Ned substitutes for all symbols. All wins are paid left to right, and 3 or more scattered Mines start the feature. The Bonus Feature can also be won at random. You can choose to play 5 , 8 or 12 free games. The fewer free games you choose, the more dice you will get on the wheel. During the free games “Wild Ned” wins are multiplied by the wheel value. When the “Roll Dice” segment is indicated, the dice are rolled and all wheel numbers are multiplied by this value for the current Wild Ned win.

Jungle Beat
For some reason I always want to call this game Jungle Beast – although it is really called: Jungle Beat. I guess – as Elvis Presley once said in a movie – “It’s just the beast in me.” This is also a 25-line game with a 10-credit ante bet, so the minimum wager is 35-credits. It is also a pick-game, where any 4 of a kind pick-1, pick-2, pick-3, pick-4, or pick-5 start the feature. It is available in 1, 2 and 5-cent denominations, and 175, 350 and 700 credit max-bet options.

Jungle Beat Wheel Feature
The Bonus Feature is triggered with 3 or more scattered DRUM symbols. The feature can also be triggered randomly at the end of any spin of the reels, and 5 free games are awarded. Every time a WHEEL symbol is spun up on reel 3, the wheel in the top monitor spins and then any applicable wins are paid. The WHEEL in the top monitor will award WILD symbols which remain WILD for the duration of the feature, extra free games, or a credit prize. The feature cannot be triggered again whilst in the feature itself.

And this, my friends, is the story of the Hit The Heights game. And, of my old friend Bob, and Vegas World, the rocket, and the tower ….

Big News!
I am pleased to announce that I am writing a new book on slots. I will have more information here in this column in the coming issues. Stay tuned!


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