Gambling Legends And eSports

Gambling Legends And eSports

Gambling Legends And eSports

By: “Vegas Vic” – Victor H Royer

At first glance, a story about Gambling Legends and eSports don’t seem to go together. I mean, after all, eSports is so new – especially to Mainstream Casinos – that there aren’t, as yet, any “legends”, in the same sense of the word as we now have for the “historical” figures of gambling lore.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any “budding” legends in this field, nor does it mean that there won’t be any as this particular new form of “skill-based” casino gaming takes form, and becomes established in mainstream casinos.

As the worlds of online gaming expand, and as the US-based players gain more and more access to that form of gaming, it has become increasingly more important to know where to play, and how to find such online casinos.

I am presently writing a new book: “Gambling Legends: True Stories and Amazing Facts“, which will be completed and released shortly, both as a printed book and eBook. As I was reading over what I have already written – and looked over many of the fantastic lives and stories of these truly great gambling legends from all over the world – and not just Las Vegas – a news story came across my feed about eSports.

Similarly to Poker, eSports in recent times has not been considered as a “sport” at all. Really, a bunch of young people huddled en masse together and fiddling with buttons and joysticks a “sport”?

Well, not so long ago, Poker was not considered as “sport” either, until, that is, ESPN started to broadcast it, and then all of a sudden people realized that poker is – and certainly can be, in the tournament format especially – truly considered as a “sport”. It took a while, but it did happen. And so it will with eSports. It is inevitable.

Right now eSports is only just starting to be accepted as a form of mainstream casino gaming. But while that is still in relative infancy, eSports – and other video gaming – has already found ready acceptance in the online gaming world.

While in the USA online gaming is still limited only to Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, moves are already happening in New York State, and in California, to legalize online gaming in all its forms – and that means Sports Betting, and eSports, as well.

But for the time being, online gaming and online sports betting are pretty much available only in the rest of the world, and primarily in England – the United Kingdom, known as UK, for those of us in America who don’t know that.

The UK itself has recently undergone several transformations, both in the land-based and online gaming fields. New regulations have been enacted, and new licensing requirements specified by the UK governing and regulatory agencies. That has changed the online casino landscape, and this has made knowing which are the best UK online casinos even more important.

As in the USA, knowing where to play is equally as important as knowing what to play, and how to play it. Both live and online Poker has proven that many times, and while online gaming is still somewhat limited in America, that doesn’t mean that we should ignore what’s happening elsewhere in the world, or fail to learn and prepare for the time when that world opens up to us. Knowledge is power, and great knowledge equals profits.

And that applies to online casinos as they exist today, as well as they will exist when the USA finally joins the world online gaming community – hopefully in the very near future.

There are already several bills in the legislative process in the US Congress to make that happen, and while the current Republican administration may not necessarily be moved toward that goal, this movement – especially in Sports Betting and in eSports – is powerful, and will, inevitably, force even the US Government to finally join the 21st Century, and realize the existence, and potential, of online gaming in all its forms.

And that, my friends, will surely lead to the telling of great stories and tall tales, and the birth of many new Gambling Legends.

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So, until next time, this is Vegas Vic saying – See you in the Casino, and Best of Luck!