Casino Table Games – Best Systems for Roulette

Table games at a casino can be very tricky especially when you are new at it and try to beat the house hand after hand. There are many strategies for each game that promises you will come out a winner every time, but when looking at stats, you will find most of these have a few loopholes that simply makes the system fail. However, the biggest strategy issue is your own insecurities that make you doubt and place a bet other than what the system provides, which is sure to send you down a spiral into losing hand after hand.

The point of a system is to guide you through losing hands, but still allowing you to take a profit the moment the tables turn into your favour. Games like Roulette and Blackjack with a progressive betting system is a perfect example. New players tend to doubt the system and place wagers lower than what the system says after a few hands, which takes the entire profit margin out of the hand once the odds are tilted. This is exactly why casinos always win, players tend to get scared of bigger bets, which is the worst way to play table games. While studying betting systems is always ideal, the truth is that there is plenty of good information online. In fact, there quite a few beginner guides to Roulette that go into detail about the basic betting and type of roulette wheels that are offered. You not only benefit from that perspective but also find generous bonuses that will help you increase your bankroll, and subsequently, allow you to increase your knowledge as you gain an understanding while applying the techniques you are employing. Below we look at the best systems for a few table games and why they will allow you to gain, but also how they can ruin your game completely when not followed.

Laboucher System

This is a very easy system to use and highly recommended for beginners as it doesn’t require much math or keeping track of what you do. All you need is a pen and paper and know what the minimum bet is and how much you can risk in total. This system can be used in any casino game. Just be sure you don’t take any side bets, but if you do, don’t add them to the system. Roulette requires only even money bets such as colours, odds and even, or first and last 18.

For example, you have $10, and the minimum bet is $1 on the table, this means you can bet 10 times before your cash runs out. On the paper, write 10 number 1’s, which represents your stake. Add the first and last numbers together to find out how much you need to wager, which would be 2 units. If you managed to cross off all the 1’s on your paper without a loss, you would have doubled your money. However, if you lose a single hand, you need to take the number of units wagered and add it to the end of the 1’s of your paper. For example, 1 and 1 is a bet of 2, losing that bet would mean you add a number 2. When you place your next bet, add the first uncrossed number and the 2 together, which is 3, should you lose again, add the number 3 to the end of the list and repeat, which ensures you get back your losing hands, while also making a profit.

Losing money with this system will occur when you do bet the required amount or when you increase your bet. If you do not follow what it says it will mean you don’t win back your profit and betting higher will increase your wager by a substantial amounts in the case of a losing hand.

Negative Progressive System

The progressive betting system is featured in many strategies, but to understand how it works you need to understand the most basic form of it. Progressive systems have been around for many years and have proven to be one of the most profitable for just about any casino game that uses even money bets. The system can be extended to other games that feature more bets, but for the beginning, it’s recommended to stay with single bets as the wagering total can reach massive amounts when betting on multiple positions.

All you need to know about this system is how much is the minimum and maximum bet. Let’s say the minimum bet is $1 for example, make sure you have enough money and the table limits allow you to multiply that bet for at least 10 times. You can work this out by multiplying the amount 10 times. For example, your first bet is $1, if you lose your second bet is $2, then $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256 and so on. There are also systems that don’t require doubling up, but instead require you bet only enough to win back your bets and make a small profit, which is great when playing with a lower bankroll. The important thing to remember is that you only double up on a losing hand, but once you win with the doubled hand, you will return to the lowest bet and take profit. In most cases, you wouldn’t need to double up more than 3 times, but with 10 hands worth of betting, you will be able to take full advantage of the system.

Losing with a progressive bet could really hurt your bankroll. Especially if you get doubts when you’ve multiplied your bet a number of times, which could occur when not having a big enough bankroll or the table limits are not high enough. This system requires a lot of trust, which will be rewarded each time you follow it and stick to the betting values.