Buffalo Bill’s Thrill Rides at Primm Las Vegas Attractions

Buffalo Bill’s Thrill Rides at Primm Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas Attractions: Buffalo Bill’s Thrill Rides at Primm

Buffalo Bill’s Thrill Rides


Looking for a place to add some excitement to your trip? Head to Primm Valley Casino Resorts for some of the best thrill rides in Las Vegas. From heart-racing action to something with a splash, we have everything you need to make excitement your middle name.

The Desperado

For an amazing adreniline rush, try the Desperado roller coaster. Ranked among the top ten roller coasters in North America, the Desperado is one of the fastest and tallest in the world. Giving riders a breathtaking view of the valley from 209 feet above the ground, Desperado then plunges at tremendous speed into a succession of twist, turns and unexpected surprises. Experience close to 4 G’s of force as you fly through this incredible ride.

Adventure Canyon Log Flume

A fast, fun way to cool off from the Las Vegas heat. Don’t be afraid to get wet! Navigate through swirling rapids and treacherous water falls on the the Adventure Canyon Log Flume, all the while attempting fast target shooting with state-of-the-art laser light pistols and you’ll have the time of your life. Beware of the sharpshooters as the flume travels through the casino, bystanders have the opportunity to shoot water at unsuspecting riders.

Turbo Drop

Take the plunge! Experience the Turbo Drop! Get your heart pumping and adrenaline soaring as you experience negative one G, and then 4.5 Gs of force while you drop straight down from 170 feet in the air, at an intense 45 miles per hour!

Other attractions include an arcade, a 3-D ride experience, cyber coaster and Frog Hopper for the younger set.

For Hours Of Operation, please call 702.679.RIDE (7433).

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