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Home Warranty Popularity In Las Vegas Soaring

As the real estate market in Las Vegas is boiling hot, together with the entire U.S housing market, the demand for various house insurance rises. One of these "insurances" (which is in fact just a service agreement covering electrical appliances and home systems) is home warranties. Read More...

So You Want To Move To Las Vegas? Real Advice From Someone Who Did!

Few visit Las Vegas without having some thought of what it would be like to live in Las Vegas. Typical comment in the summer is “I wouldn’t be able to stand the heat”. Others are tempted by the inexpensive new housing and escaping the cold winters of many parts in the country. Read More...

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Vintage Vegas 1999 - The Great Las Vegas Flood Of 1999

Well, the entire Las Vegas Strip and downtown Fremont Street washed into the Gulf of Mexico. Your favorite slot machine? Gone. That friendly dealer or cute cocktail waitress? Washed away. Or so the national media practically had you believe. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 1999 - Cheap Drinks And Ladies Night In Las Vegas

Hi Ted, Long time fan and reader of your newsletter. Love it! I’m thinking of coming to Las Vegas in December the week before Christmas but I’m flexible. When would you suggest? Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2010 - Zappos.com Moves Downtown Las Vegas, Major Boost Seen For Fremont Street Experience Area

The Biggest News That No One Is Talking About – happens to be the Zappos.com takeover of Las Vegas City Hall for their corporate headquarters. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2010 - How Retirees Will Help Las Vegas’ Local Economy Rebound From Recession

Highest Poverty Rates – The metropolitan areas of the U.S. with the largest gains in people living below the poverty level: 1. Las Vegas, 2. Modesto (CA), 3. Detriot, 4. Ft. Myers (FL), and 5. Los Angeles. I bring that up because people wonder about the long-term viability of this area. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2010 - Las Vegas New Years Eve Fireworks Info and Insider Party Tips

Our New Years Eve fireworks display details have been announced. The 8 minute show will be the largest display west of the Mississippi and we’re expecting 310,000 people in town. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2010 - Closing Of The Sahara Las Vegas – The Real Story

When I heard that The Sahara was going to make a major announcement last week, I figured one (and only one) thing: They were announcing investments and improvement in their property. It only made sense. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2011 - So You Want To Move To Las Vegas, Is It Right For You?

Who Should Move To Las Vegas? Las Vegas is once again pretty much a dirt cheap place to live. Home prices are at rock bottom with no recovery in sight as unemployment is up around 1.5% in the past three months. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2011 - Why Did All The Las Vegas Casinos Support Harry Reid Last Election?

First, I’d suggest you read the Politics section of my blog post So You Want To Move To Las Vegas, Is It Right For You? and you’ll find out that Nevada isn’t exactly a state that bleeds blue. You might be surprised. Read More...

Vintage Vegas 2011 - Las Vegas Downtown Hotels: Luck May Not Be A Lady Much Longer

Big news of late regarding ownership of downtown hotels, new construction, and the revival of a legendary lady. I’m downtown a number of times a month and most nights anymore, it is packed. Read More...

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