Las Vegas Discounts on Hotels, Packages, More!

Las Vegas Discounts on Hotels, Packages, More!

Insider Secrets To Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

When you come to Las Vegas, the people in the room next to you might have paid three times what you paid … or half. For the same type room, same amenities, same area of the hotel.

Thought this only happened with airline seats? Want to assure that you are the one paying the low rates? Read on!

Every website and every TV commercial claim to have the lowest rates on hotel rooms. And many do … but not all at the same time.

Here at, we have contracts with major companies that offer discount Las Vegas rooms. How do they do it? Each of these companies buys rooms at various hotels in bulk at wholesale rates, then pass that savings along to you.

The secret? They don’t all buy the same amount of wholesale rooms from the same hotels. While one company may almost be out of rooms (higher prices), another one may have plenty of rooms (low, low prices) at the very same hotel!

The Secrets To Savings:

Instructions: Click on each of the following hotel booking links. Each will open in a new window. Enter your travel dates for each seperate company, and then compare side-by-side which has the best rates for your vacation at the hotels in your price range.

Special Note: Some sites may refer you to a courtesy phone number, but stick with booking online to get the rock bottom internet rates. If it says “Call For Availability” instead of a booking link then the discount rates generally aren’t available.

  • AccessVegas.Com/Lodging Com – Branded with our name, this is the booking engine. Although a more recent entry into the Las Vegas discount rooms realm, they have a longstanding reputation for negotiating great deals. Their Rest Easy rate guarentees lowest pricing on noted hotels.
  • Expedia – No introduction needed here. Don’t always count on the lowest price, but if a hotel is experiencing slow sales for certain dates, they’ll dump some of the rooms on Expedia for cheap.
  • Travelocity – Another name that needs no introduction and always worth checking.

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Please come back again and again as we’ll alway keep up to date with the best wholesalers saving you both time and a lot of money. Booking from this page doesn’t cost you one extra penny, but we do make a commission which helps us maintain our huge, free site and keep resources like this available to you.

Since we make a modest commission regardless of which of the above you end up booking with, we don’t have to play favorites so we can give you the honest, inside scoop!

Helpful Hint: Las Vegas hotel rooms are like airfares and completely subject to supply and demand. The further ahead you book, the better chance of great savings. Compare all the rates, then book now and lock in your money saving vacation!

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