Top Ten Reasons Why Playing Online Slots Is More Profitable Than Off-Line

Top Ten Reasons Why Playing Online Slots Is More Profitable Than Off-Line

1. Higher pay-out rate. Online casinos don’t have nearly the same business overheads as land-based casinos, and can therefore afford to retain much less when paying out cash winnings.

2. Better odds for the player. Average percentages of real money paid out to winners range between 96% and 99%. This is referred to as RTP or Return-To-Player percentages, and review sites like Slots online Canada will often make these percentages available to gambling consumers in an easily understandable table format.

3. Convenient and Discreet. You can comfortably play from the privacy of your own space, free from noisy hindrances and any added temptations to overspend your budget. Consider too the additional comfort of not having to travel anywhere to gamble. You have instant access to play whenever the mood takes you!

4. Welcome Bonus. Players who sign up for real money slots for the first time, immediately become eligible for some kind of bonus prize, usually free spins or deposit match bonuses – this is where you wager x amount and the casino matches with y.

5. Multiple Ways to Deposit Money. There is a wide variety of deposit options available to choose from, extending far beyond the usual debit or credit cards. For example Instadebit – specifically designed for Canadian players. Some deposit methods may even have an additional bonus linked to it, should you opt to use it.

6. Mobile Play. Take your favorite online slot with you, wherever you go. Mobile casino apps are available across Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, and features astounding audio-visual qualities that are super easy to navigate and control.

7. Promotions and Giveaways. Online casinos love rewarding their players with awesome promotions on a monthly basis. These rewards range from luxury cars to ocean liner cruises to the latest high-tech gadgets and much, much more.

8. Safety and Security. Certified internet casinos use the same world-class digital encryption systems as big international banks do, so you can rest assured that your money is very well protected. One note of caution however: Not all casino sites are reputable, and it is in your best interest to make sure you read their terms and conditions very carefully and research user reviews before signing up!

9. Variety of Games. There are literally hundreds of exciting slots to pick from online. Old favorites, like traditional 3 reel slots and table games, to more complex 5 reel slots and 5 reel video slots are on offer – with more added every month. Unique features like 25+ multiple paylines, massive payout progressive jackpots, and fun and entertaining graphic designs, promise to have you ditching land-based casinos in no time.

10. 24 Hour Support. Friendly, efficient customer service is available to you around the clock. The call center agents are knowledgeable around a wide range of issues, and are well versed in assisting players no matter their level of expertise.