The Difference Between A Las Vegas Casino And An Online Casino

The Difference Between A Las Vegas Casino And An Online Casino

Las Vegas is one of the most iconic cities on the planet, the setting of some of Hollywood’s most beloved and recognized films. It’s a town of world-renowned entertainment, some of the most glamorous restaurants and nightlife venues, and casinos that are so huge and famous that they have garnered household name status despite only having one location in this very specific city.

So, how do online casinos stack up against such a gambling paradise titan?

Overall Experience

Going on a trip to Vegas and exploring the vibrant streets and staying in a lavish hotel and sitting at a Craps table or in a real life Poker Room with the big dogs is obviously an unbeatable experience. In terms of experience alone, going to the Vegas Strip is once-in-a-lifetime for many, and for someone that loves placing bets, it truly is the Promised Land. Playing at an online casino involves solitude and being at your house, or on the go on your mobile device, but it’s still a personal experience. If something is similar in pleasure to shopping online, playing the stock market, or watching a streaming TV show or movie, it’s not going to compare to Las Vegas, Nevada. However, thanks to Live Dealer, you can live stream into a physical table with a real life dealer and play online like you’re actually there!


Online casinos not only always offer incredibly high Welcome Bonuses, giving you free money you can use to win real money, that is often one of the few things that separate them from their competition. Players can take advantage of the online casinos fighting for their attention by claiming that free money. While you do have to meet rollover parameters, where you have to bet a certain amount in order to cash out, it’s free money to play with. This is on top of the other promotions, like refunds on losses, no-deposit bonuses, raffles and giveaways, and reload bonuses, where they match deposits by certain percentages. In Vegas, you have to spend a lot in order to see those kinds of promotional opportunities. Before you start playing a online gambling site you should always check the best promotions they have. You can find these on casino portals like or sortlike.

Return to Player

RTP, or Return to Player, is the amount of money players win in relation to how much they bet. Las Vegas casinos have to compete against one another geographically, and most people just walk into the closest and most enticing one without figuring out which has the highest RTP. Online casino players are typically more diligent in their research, more than willing to look up the RTP the casino boasts. RTPs are based on monthly audits, and the higher they are, they more likelier you are to win at the casino. For example, a 97% return to player means that on average, players walk away with 97% of what they started with. In Las Vegas, the minimum RTP is 75%.

Payment Options

The fees for taking out money at the online casino using a credit or debit card are absolutely outrageous. There are plenty of ATMs around the strip inside banks and whatnot that might be cheaper, but they still will be higher than the very low foreign transaction fees at online casinos. You can simply type in your preferred payment option at the casino, just like you would shopping online at some of the world’s most popular online stores, and you are good to go. The safety measures and security technology of the best online casinos ensure total safety and security, and you don’t have to worry about any of the scum that troll for unsuspecting tourists in Vegas picking your pocket.


This is probably the biggest thing. Forget Vegas even. It is often a pain to get out to a land-based casino in your area, much less take a plane to the western United States. The accessibility of online casinos are truly incredible, and the total fairness of the games by way of random number generators ensure the upmost in fairness, the same as it would be with the physical version of the game. You can play these games from your computer or on your mobile device morning, noon, and night, which means you never have to go a moment without the winning potential, and you certainly don’t have to book a flight to Nevada, USA.

Betting Limitations

While you will probably find higher maximums in Vegas, as well as Poker Tournaments that can make you a millionaire if you are a card shark, you will find the lowest minimums at the online casino. You can play Pokies for a $0.01 per spin, and you can play Blackjack for as low as a single dollar. The maximums are still high as well, but not as high as the high-end casinos in Vegas.