How To Make More Money When Playing Online Games

Make More Money Playing Online Games

Playing for money is not as rare as you might think. If you’ve ever bought a power-up in Candy Crush, or topped up your account at Big Fish Casino, you’ve already done it. The difference between these and the Royal Vegas Casino is that in the second case you can actually get something back. And not just entertainment value – but cash as well. Playing for real cash at the Royal Vegas Casino is a form of entertainment embraced by tens of thousands of users from all over the world. And it’s not the only website to offer similar services.

Making good use of bonuses

The Royal Vegas Casino, just as virtually all other similar services, offer their new players free casino welcome bonus money when they make their first real money deposits. These bonus funds always come with a set of requirements – there’s no such thing as “free money”, after all – but these can be fulfilled relatively quickly. And once you are done with the requirements, what’s left in your account is yours to use as you will. Cash out, or play on – it’s up to you.

Staying loyal pays off

But the bonuses applied to deposits are not the only benefits you can count on at the Royal Vegas Casino. The more you play, the more loyalty points you’ll get. And once you get to a certain amount of points in your account, you can redeem them and turn them into money – at a specific rate. Generating more loyalty points will raise your standing among the players, and bring you extra benefits – bonuses, special offers, perhaps even a VIP status. And that’s really something at the Royal Vegas Casino – being a VIP means you get invitations to exclusive tournaments and perhaps real life events as well, as a “thank you” for being a great player.

Periodic promotions

The Royal Vegas Casino is well known for its amazing promotional offers each month. Some of them give players cash rewards, others have more tangible prizes (last year a lucky player got to drive away with a brand new Porsche), and sometimes they are life experiences worth playing for. Each summer, the Royal Vegas Casino, as well as all its sister establishments, participate in a recurring promotion called the Fortune Lounge Cruise. Participants can win a range of prizes, from credits to gadgets, but the grand prize is the best of all: a week-long Caribbean cruise for two. The Fortune Lounge Cruise is organized by the group each summer since 2006.