Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those great American success stories, having been built on a desert and came up from nothing to the great city it is today. The city is now on the bucket list of travelers from around the world as well as local tourists from other parts of the country. The city has numerous tourist attractions and hundreds of casinos, including Austrian casinos. It is important to note that the city offers little in terms of natural attractions since everything is man made. However, the man-made wonders in the city are a site to behold. The following are the top 5 tourist attractions in Las Vegas:

1. The Strip

The Strip is a 3.5 mile long section of the Las Vegas Boulevard that cuts through the city from North East to South East. The Strip is lined with magnificent entertainment palaces that are home to luxury hotel rooms, performance venues and fine dining among other things. Illuminated by an endless succession of neon lights, the Strip is a sight to behold at night. Your trip to the city will not be complete until you pass through the Strip at night. To fully take in the sights, you may want to take a walk along the strip.

2. Fremont-Street Experience

Fremont Street is a pedestrian only area in old downtown Las Vegas. The street has several different kinds of attractions, key among them being a four block area that’s covered with a canopy of LED lights that light up the sky in the night with different colors. The Fremont-Street Experience entails visitors walking below these lights with fantastic music playing in the background while a visual show continues overhead. There are usually special entertainment acts and street performances in the area. Fremont Street is only a few kilometers from Caesar’s Palace and the Treasure Island hotel groupings, so you may want to take a cab.

3. The Venetian Hotel

Located across the street from the Treasure Island, the Venetian Hotel was made to resemble the city of Venice in Italy, and comes complete with gondoliers, canals and blue skies. The hotel also has recreations of the main attractions in Venice, including the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge among others. Your tour of the Venetian Hotel is not complete without a Venetian Gondola Ride, which is a great way to tour the hotel complex.

4. Paris Hotel & the Eiffel Tower

The Paris Hotel is located on the strip. It’s one of the most recognizable resorts in Las Vegas. In front of the hotel is a scale model of the Eiffel Tower. Next to it is a recreation of the Paris Opera House. Also on the property is a mock hot air balloon festooned with flashing lights and neon lights. The “Eiffel Tower” hosts a restaurant with fantastic views of the strip as well as a superb view of the dancing fountains of Bellagio.

5. Bellagio Resort

Bellagio is the city’s finest resort and one of the few 5-Star hotels in the world with an AAA rating. The massive hotel complex hosts a number of tourist attractions, including; botanical gardens, an art gallery, fine restaurants, spa and salon among other types of attractions.