Famous Casino Heists In Las Vegas

I was recently reading an article about the 10 most daring casino heists in history and I wanted to outline the most famous casino heists in Las Vegas only, which by the way are more frequent than I had expected.

There have been a number of memorable casino heists in Las Vegas throughout the years.

None more famous than when Danny Ocean and his crew ripped off The Bellagio in Ocean’s Eleven. You may be thinking, wasn’t that just a movie? Well, you’d be right, but the rest of these heists are the real deal.

“Biker Bandit” Bellagio Robbery (2010)

You may remember the “Biker Bandit” from 2010. Anthony Carleo was 29 years old when he rode up to one of the entrances at the Bellagio Casino, walked to a craps table with his helmet on and stole a bunch of chips.

It was estimated that he stole $1,500,000 in chips, including some big $25,000 cranberry chips, but there isn’t too much you can do with stolen chips. Carleo tried selling them online and was eventually busted at the Bellagio.

Carleo had also robbed the Suncoast Casino just prior and he was sentenced to 9-27 years in prison.

Circus Circus Theft (1993)

Details about what happened during the Circus Circus theft are sparse, but is interesting nonetheless.

Heather Tallchief and her alleged accomplice Roberto Solis held up the Circus Circus. Tallchief drove off in an armored truck with an estimated $2,950,000 in cash and had gotten away with the crime.

She fled to the Netherlands, but turned herself into the Las Vegas P.D. 12 years later. She had to serve 5 years and 3 months for the crime. She stated that Solis had taken all of the cash and he’s still at large.

Sportsbook Theft at Stardust (1992)

At the time in 1992 – this was the biggest theft in Las Vegas history and it’s one of the most famous.

William John Brennan was 34 years old at the time and he was working at the Stardust as a sportsbook cashier. He decided to walk out of the casino with an estimated $500,000 in chips and cash.

The strange part? Brennan has never been heard from since. He must have fled the country immediately, as a warrant was issued for him several days after the theft. If he’s still alive – I wonder where Brennan is now?

Hopper Family Heists (1990s)

Royal Mayne Hopper moved his family from Texas to Las Vegas in order to seek a fresh start. He started to work as a security guard at the Stardust Casino, but it wasn’t long before he started planning a heist.

In the first incident, Hooper and one of his sons (Bobby) made off with $150,000 in cash. For the second robbery, Hooper needed both of his sons (Bobby & Jeff). Jeff called in a false report about a fight at the pool.

However, Royal, Bobby and another man (Wesley Carroll), were waiting in the wings to rob an armored truck that was at the casino. They made off with two bags containing more than a $1,000,000 in cash.

Soboba Casino Armed Robbery (2005)

To end the article, I wanted to discuss one of the most daring heists in Vegas history, something you expect to see in a movie, not real life. This armed robbery was committed by Eric Alan Aguilera and Roland Luda Ramos.

The two men stormed the Soboba Casino in 2005. Once inside they tied up several employees, while holding even more employees at gun point. The pair made it out of the casino with over $1,500,000 in cash.

However, the cops were hot on their tail once leaving the casino and the two ended up getting caught before they could complete the gateway. This was one of the most brazen robberies in Vegas history.

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